Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Choosing a Pool paint

So, how do you choose a pool Paint?
Today I "googled" simming pool paint and quite honestly was shocked to see the number of products on the market today.
I will not claim mine is best or trash any other product, but in order to assist you let me point out some of the reasons for concern.
Here you will see some claims & lies, and my suggesion is to avoid these products.
"....... Paint is the highest-quality pool coating available" How do they know?
"A single application lasts up to 8 years" a single coat really?
"One coat of ..... ...... Paint over Epoxy Primer delivers a stain-resistant, ceramic-like finish to all pool surfaces" One coat and ceramic-like, its either ceramic or not ceramic?
".....tougher than any pool paint." Really ! have they tested them all?
"....offer a complete line of acrylic paint, chlorinated rubber paint and epoxy pool paint for the beautification, restoration,...." so which one is best?
"....This superior high build epoxy swimming pool paint is formulated to provide the longest lasting finish of any pool paint." How can that be possible, have they tested them all?
".....Due to legal restrictions, this paint is not available for sale in the following areas: California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia" Why? becuase it is banned there as it contains solvents and is not environment friendly, but they won't tell you!
".....is a rubberised ceramic" This takes the cake. It is either rubberised or ceramic. Have you ever heard of a woman being half pregnant?
Avoid products where the website does not give a fixed known address or fixed phone line.
Avoid products where they make claims and cannot show any proof of claim.
Avoid solvent based paints, they are bad for you and the environment.
Avoid pool paints that only require one coat, any pool coating with a dry film thickness less than 450 microns (0.45mm) may fail.

Do look at pool paints that have been around for several years and give traceable references.
Do look at epoxy pool paints (not solvent based) in preference to chlorinated rubbr or acrylics.
Do have another look at my product and place your order http://www.line-a-pool.com

Saturday, 04 October 2008

Pool Paint & Bush Babies

I recently had the pleasure refurbishing a resort swimming pool at the Mtunzini Forest Lodge on the KazuluNatal North Coast.

The above swimming pool was coated with Epoxyman Poolcote GL.

Whilst there I had the rare opportunity of spotting a Bush Baby not only that, I also manged to get a photo. Apparently this is the first time one of these shy creatures have been spotted there.

I would love to know more about these creatures and Night Apes (nagapies)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Calcium & Lime Build up in swimming pools

Dear John.

We have a rather large and difficult problem with lime in our water. Our imitation rocks by our pool and the slasto surround inside the pool have gone white with the lime. What do you reccomend on how we can remove this build up.


If the calcium hardness is too high, the result will be scale formation on all pool surfaces. The filter and pipes become clogged, reducing water flow and filtration efficiency. The water becomes cloudy and swimmers complain of eye irritations. Free treatment Instructions

Reducing calcium hardness is very difficult. Either replace some or all of the water in the pool, or add chemicals that will keep the calcium in solution and prevent it from depositing out. If the calcium hardness is high, we recommend that you consult a pool professional.

I would personally recommend using ozone see Ozone, swimming pool water treatment with no chemicals

Ozone helps remove metals which can discolor water and stain pool surfaces, prevents calcification, and softens the water. Ozone has no effect on pH or total alkalinity, so fewer chemicals are needed to adjust pH and water balance. Ozone destroys oils and converts them to carbon dioxide (CO2). The use of enzymes to remove oils is not necessary and bathtub ring formation at the waterline will be reduced.

When properly sized and installed, a corona discharge ozone generation system should result in easier to maintain, less costly, and better smelling, better tasting, and better quality pool water.